Once upon a time, there was a prosperous kingdom, named Jenggala. The people in the kingdom lived happily with their wise King. The name of the king was Raden Putra. He was accompanied by a beautiful consort of the king, and also a beautiful mistress. But, the mistress had a bad character. She was jealous with the consort of the king, cause she was just the king’s mistress.

One time, the mistress of the king planned tricky plant to the consort of the king. She harted her very much.

“The one who suppossed to be the king’s wife is me, not her,” the mistress tought. “I have to do something to throw out her.” The mistress was realy a cruel woman. She could do anything to make her eagerness was achieved.

The mistress conspired with the palace physician to do the plan she had prepared. She pretended to be sick. Knowing that his mistress was seriously ill, the king called the palace physican to cure the mistress.

And then, the palace physician examined the mistress’ condition. The physician concluded that there was someone put poison into the mistress’ drink. It caused the mistress had a serious illness. The was shocked to know this.

“Who did this to her?” The king said angrily. “It was the queen, your majesty, who put the poison into the mistress’ drink” The phsycian lied. He was instructed by the mistress to say this. The king was so angry. He believed what the physician was said. He instruktied the “Patih” to throw away the Quenn to the jungle as the punishment. Everyone in the palace was shocked to know this. But, they couldn’t do anything. No one had a braveness to help the Queen from the King’s decision.

Soon after that, the Patih brought the Queen into the jungle. He felt pitied to the queen, because when she was doing the ounishment, she was pregnant. Patih could not bring himself to kill the queen. He difinitely knew about the mistress’s trickly plan, so he didn’twant to kill the queen.

‘Don’t warry, her majesty, I will tell his majesty that you are killed” said Patih. To convince about the queen’s death, patih spead his sword by rabbit’s blood he caught. After that, patih got back to the palace and told the King that the had already killed the queen. The king felt satisfied with patih’s report.

After several months, the queen gave brith a funny cute baby. She gave him name “Cindelaras”. The queen was so happy with this moment. He could forget his sadness because of the punisment from the king. Cindelaras was grown up. He became a handsome and smart boy. Since he was child, he made friends with all of animal in the jungle. Everyday he played round in the jungle. He grown as a brave strong boy.

One day, he saw a largeblack hawk droppedan egg to him. Cindelaras was so surprised, but he was happy and bring the egg home. “The hawk was really nice, he gave me an egg” Cindelaras thought. After 3 weeks, the egg cracked. It was chicken egg. Cindelaras kept the cick happily. The chick grown up and became a good and strong rooster. He played with the rosster everyday. The rossterbecame Cindelaras’s best friend. But there was a unique thing about the rosster. The voice o f the rosster was amazing. It could even said something. “Kukuruyuuuukkk…. my master Cindelaras, he lived a jungle, the roof made of coconut leaves, his father is Raden Putra….’’

Cindelaras was excited with the rosster’s uniquiness. He told this to her mother. Knowing this, the queen finally told what actually happened. She told Cindelaras about why they could live in this jungle. After hearing the story from his mother, Cindelaras decided to go the palace. He wanted to reveal what actually the mistress had done. His mother gave permission to Cindelaras when he wanted to go to the palace. The mother prayed for Cindelaras’ safe.

On the way to the palace, Cindelaras met some people figthing rooster. Cindelaras was called by one of the rooster fighter. “Hey, child. Come on. If you have braveness, let’s fight your rooster with mine” he challenged. “All right!” Cindelaras said.

When the two rossters was competed, Cindelaras rooster fought bravely and could beat the other roosters. He become famous because of his great rosster. The story about the amazing rooster was spread quickly. The King Raden Putra heard about this. He was really curious about the boy and his rooster. Then he instructed the commander of the palace to invite Cindelaras. Cindelaras come to the palace and net the King. The King felt admired with the boy, he thought that the boy was smart and handsome, wasn’t like a poor.

The King asked Cindelaras to fight his rooster with the King’s rooster. There was a requirement for this fight. If Cindelaras’ rooster won, half of the King’s properties became Cindelaras. But, on the contary, Cindelaras’s headd would be cut off.

The two rossters fought bravely. But, no need so long time, Cindelaras’s rooster could beat Raden Putra’s. The people who saw the fight gave applause to Cindelaras and his rooster. “All right, I admit I lose in this fight” said Raden Putra. Cindelaras just smiled. He was happy to have such a moment like this. “But, who you realy are? Where do you come from?” asked Raden Putra.

Cindelaras bowed to his rooster and wishpered something to the rooster. Not so long after that… “Kukuruyuk…… My master Cindelaras, his house is in the jungle, the roof made of coconut leaves, his father is Raden Putra….” the rooster crowed repeatedly. Raden Putra was shocked to hear that. He was confused. “Is that true, a young boy?” The King questioned. “Yes, your majesty. My name is Cindelaras, my mother is your wife. I am your son” said Cindelaras.

To know about this, patih came closer to the King and said something. Patih told what actually happened. When relaized about what trulyy happened, The King regreted his decision to throw away his wife while she was pregnant. “I will give punishment to the mistress for doing this to my wife and my son.” Raden Putra said angrily.

And than, the mistress was thrown away to the jungle. Raden Putra hugged his son tight and said apologize what he had done. The King and the comanders picked up the Queen from the jungle and brought her back to the palace.

Finally, The King, The Queen and Cindelaras could be together again. After Raden Putra passed away, Cindelaras replaced her father to be the next king. He ruled the kingdom wisely and he also was loved by all of the kingdom’s citizen.

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