Tampomas Mountain

Years ago, there was a kingdom. The kingdom name was Sumedang Larang. It was a wealthy-peace kingdom. The people of the kingdom lived in harmony peace. Gunung Gede a volcano mountain, stood on the side of the capital.

By this condition, the kingdom blessed by good soil and fertile-thick jungle. The nature had provided many advantages for the people. On the dry season they never lack of water while on the west season flood had never happened in that kingdom. The king of Sumedang was alsoa good man. Young, but wise, brave and respected, smart and patient, the king was admired either friends or enemis. He taught his people to  take a good care of the nature.

But one day, the peaceful suddenly broke the silent into terror when the earth quake shocked all of the kingdom. Peoples ran and screamed, to safe their life. Outside the house, they saw a big fire on the top of the mountain. Apparently the mountain was about to exploded.

Slowly, the kingdom turn into darkness. Surrounded by black coulds, dust and smoke. Some time flash of fire light up the darkness, made everyone panic. Realized that the explosion would caused great damage for the kingdom, the king become very sad. He entered the palace and started to asceticise. He prayed and prayed without sleep or eat for days. Weak and tired, then he fell uncouscious. On the his uncouscious moment, he saw an old man who talked to him.

“If you want to safe your kingdom and the people. There is a way that you can do. Climb up thah mountain, than put the heritage golden keris in to the crater of the Gede mountain.” Soon, the King woke from his unconsciousness. “I have to go to mountain Gede crater now and put my heritage golden keris into it.” Said the king.

Everyone in that palace was extremely astonished. They tried to stop him because the situation of Gede mountain was danger. They wanted to safe their king from his horrible decision. But the king was very sure about what he was doing. “Don’t stop me. I have to stop the explosion before it’s too late!” the king ignored his people and went straight to the Gede mountain.

Riding his strong horse, the king started to climb up. He broke through hot air, dark smoke, black cloud, and loud of thunders. He finally arrived to the crater. He took the heritage goldel keris and thre into the crater. “I give you this most valuable heritage golden keris to you. I have to safe my people and Sumedang Larang Kingdom.

Remarkable, the crater slowly off. Followed by the mountain which then turn into silent. The black cloud gone, and the fire off. The sky turned into blue followed by wind which blew the dark-hot air, and the bird started to sing again. The king kneel down and grateful. He returned to the palace and welcomed by his excited people. Since thet moment, Gede mountain never exploded again. The crater extinguished. The name “Gede” changed into Tampomas which means a mountain which received (tampa/tampo) a heritage golden keris (mas).

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