Malin Kundang (Story from West Sumatra)

Somewhere, at the cost of Sumatra, lived a fisherman with the family. They had a son  named Malin Kundang. Because the family live in poverty, the father dediced to sail a long. So that Malin Kundang lived with his mother only. Day by day but Malin’s father never returned home. That was why his mother had to work hard to support their life.

Naughty, but Malin kundang growth as a smart boy. One day, he fell when he was chasing a chicken. And this accident left a scar in his right arm. Time goes by, Malin become a handsome man. The poor condition encouraged him to sail a long the inlets. He insisted to make a better life. Malin dream that one day he would return home as a success man. He inspired by a successful skipper, who also used to live in poor years a go.

With hard hearted Malin’s mother finally allowed him to chase his dream. “My son, when you finally reach your dream, and lives wealthy, one thing that I want you to remember, not to forget about your mother and your home town.” Said Malin’s mother.

Soon, Malin’s started his journey by working as a ship crew. There, he learn about sailing and trading. But on the way they were sailing, the ship attacked by the pirate. The pirate took over the ship, everyone at the ship were killed. But malin was survived, he hid inside a wooden box.

Several days later, Malin drifted ashore in an island. Exhausted, Malin walked to the nearest village. Blessed by the fertike soil and beautiful view, the island become a dream land for Malin Kundang. There, Malin decided to starr his new life. By his hard working, several years later, Malin become a very rich man. He own numbers of trading ship with 100 crews. He then married to a beautiful women.

The news about the rich successful man; Malin Kundang, soon fpr sure, was very gratefulled by Malin’s mother. Since the day Malin’s mother heardthe news, she went the harbor everyday, wondering to meet her son soon. She never gave up to wait and wait.

Not long after the wedding, Maling took his wife to sail using his big beautiful ship. Numbers of crew and guard sail along with them also. When the ship entered the harbor, Malin’s mother was very joyfull. She run into her son, right after Malin step his feet on the ground. When she saw a scar in Malin’s right hand, she extremely believe that the rich man was no other but her own son.

“Malin, my son, why do you leave me so this long without a news?” asked her in tears.

Unsuspected, Malin pushed her mother away from him. He pushed her hardly so that his mother fell. “Who are you? Why you admit your self as my mother? It’s ridiculous” said Malin cruely. Malin pretended that the old women wasn’t his mother. He was ashame by his mother’s look.

“is this women your mother?” asked Malin’s wife. “Of course not! She is just a beggar who pretend to be my mother. Apparently she is interesting on my wealth.” Answered Malin.

Shocked and dissaponted, Malin’s mother was fulled of anger and she started to pray. “Dear God tell me the truth, if he is realy my son, so I curse him into a stone for everything he has said about me!”

Suddenly light and thunder showed it’s power. Strong wind followed by the storm come in second, it crashed the ship into pieces. Malin’s body turn into stone slowly, right after malin’s mother finished spelling her curse.

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